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Littlegreen Academy

Willow Class

Class teacher: Andreea Purghel

Welcome to Willow Class one of our Key Stage 3 classes here at Littlegreen Academy.


Autumn Term 2023

Willow Class has had an amazing start to the year.

All pupils in the class have been very accepting of the new routines, learning, staff, and peers.

As part of this term topic Innuits to Incas (North America to South America), Willow class have learnt a lot about the history of Innuits civilization.

In Geography, we are exploring a lot of fun facts about North America. North America is the only continent which contains all of the biomes. Pupils have found out the characteristics of each biome and where each biome is located in North America.

Pupils have been showing perseverance in creating their own state from what they have learned so far.

During our outdoor activities, pupils have been incredibly courageous doing kayaking for the first time and facing the ever-changing weather.

In Thrive, we were busy creating our favourite characters out of playdough. We have been very kind to one another by sharing ideas to create fun characters.

It is amazing how much learning has happened over the last couple of weeks! We look forward to giving you an update on Art projects in a few weeks’ time.

Willow Class Autumn Term 2023