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Littlegreen Academy


Our Science programme is mapped over the whole school.

The intention is to ignite the imagination through play in KS2 and foster curiosity that leads to questioning and problem solving. Our stunning location enables us to link environmental Science with Forest school.

The journey continues in KS3 where there is a strong emphasis on investigation and observation skills through safe practical sessions in our laboratory.

Once pupils transition to KS4 all studies are accredited through OCR Entry level Science with the option to choose the 9-1 pathway for pupils in year 10.

Our Littlegreen pupils will naturally progress through the three disciplines, Biology, Chemistry and Physics all three disciplines embed Maths and English skills.

Science is an important topic, using varied learning styles the intention is to encourage pupils to understand the world around them with all its cultural diversity – and prepare for the transition to college courses in 14 – 16.