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Littlegreen Academy

Oak Class

Class Teacher: Jess Hatch

Welcome to Oak Class one of our Key Stage 2 classes here at Littlegreen Academy.


Autumn Term 1 2023

In Oak class we have had a brilliant and busy start to the year!

The class have already been demonstrating our school values. They have been so accepting of each other and we have loved getting to know all of the new faces around lower school, making sure to be kind to those that are new to Littlegreen.

Oak class have also been showing amazing courage, getting involved in all of the activities that have been offered.

We have had a fantastic time during our Forest School, learning new skills and working together. We are fortunate to be going swimming this term at Redwood Park Academy. Our first session was great fun and it was nice to cool off in the hot weather!

We kicked off our topic this term, ‘Incas to Innuits’, by talking about all of the places we would like to explore. We are looking forward to learning lots more about the Americas and the people and places that are there.

Oak Autumn Term 2023


Autumn Term 2 2023

Oak class have had a brilliant Autumn term!

This half term, in English we have enjoyed reading lots of different poetry about festivals around the world. We will be using everything that we have learnt to have a go at writing our own version of the 12 days of Christmas.

We have needed a lot of perseverance in maths this half term as our addition and subtraction has been getting tricky (subtracting 4-digit numbers using a column), but all the boys have been working hard.

We have loved learning all about North America this half term, including the different habitats and animals that can be found there and some of the famous landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls.

From Halloween, when we carved our own pumpkins, to getting in the Christmas spirit by making decorations we have enjoyed the Autumn and are looking forward to the last two weeks of term and all the fun things that we have planned.

Oak Class Autumn 2 2023


Spring Term 2024

Oak class have jumped straight back in to learning after the half term break and are demonstrating our school values in everything we do. Last week Oak class showed great ambition and perseverance in completing lots of independent work in our English lessons. We used everything we have learned so far this year to write stories about our own characters. The class developed their characters and the worlds they live in and have worked hard this week to write their final pieces.

This week we have had some fabulous visitors and exciting trips. Our Author visit from Sam Copeland was so much fun and the class really enjoyed hearing about Sam’s inspiration for writing his books and he shared with us some disgusting facts about different animals. The class were so kind and respectful to Sam and asked some brilliant questions.

We were also able to visit Chichester Festival Theatre this week to see ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’, which we have been reading as our class book. It was an amazing experience; everyone particularly enjoyed the theatre snacks!

Oak Class Spring 2024