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Littlegreen Academy

Harting Class

Class Teacher: Greg Tognarelli

Welcome to Harting Class one of our Key Stage 3 classes here at Littlegreen Academy.

Autumn 2021

Welcome to Harting Class of 2021/2022.  

We have had a great start to the new term and are currently really enjoying spending time outdoors in this glorious weather. We have welcomed Corey into our class and we have been getting to know him and make him feel welcome. We are looking forward to having a walk to visit Harting Down and understand why we are named after such a beautiful part of the countryside. 

We have been studying the ancient Japanese art of Hapa Zome which involves printing flowers on to lined cloth by bashing them.  This has been very therapeutic and the results are very good. 

This term our topic is Mind Matters which we are very excited about.  For our Stunning start we were given a memory task which involved such random things as a bike helmet, an ancient cannon ball and a deer antler! 

We have started to visit Redwood Swimming Pool and it is great to be able to be in the water and enjoy games as our confidence increases.