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Littlegreen Academy

Harting Class

Welcome to Harting Class one of our Key Stage 3 classes here at Littlegreen Academy.


Autumn Term 2023

We have had an exciting start to the new academic year in Harting Class. Pupils have worked extremely hard to settle into upper school.  We have focussed on building relationships with kindness and what we want in a friend. 

In maths, pupils have continued to develop their individual skill sets and are making good progress along the way. During this half term we have been learning about place value and working with numbers up to 1,000,000! Pupils have started to realise the importance of perseverance when working in maths and they understand that in Harting class, we never give up!

During action teams, the pupils were keen to make a difference at Littlegreen by asking for the go-karts to be fixed so there is another activity during Friday options. They made a very persuasive video and Hannah said……. Yes!

Not only are the pupils enjoying their first DT project with Dominika, but they are also loving their Food Technology lessons with Sheena! The feedback from both Dominica and Sheena has been fantastic:

‘Pupils are always ready to learn’.

‘Listens to instructions carefully’.

‘Tidy’s up after himself, without me asking’.

Harting Class Autumn Term 2023


Spring Term 2024

It has been lovely to welcome pupils back after the Christmas break, and Harting class have been excited to share their Christmas and new year stories.

There is much to look forward to this Spring term for Harting class, including upcoming visits to Goodwood farm and a museum.

In Maths we are looking at mastering our skills by developing our mathematical fluency. This will give our pupils a deep, long-term, secure, and adaptable understanding of mathematics. We will do this by solving real-world Maths problems.

Holes by Louis Sachar will be the focus of our English learning this half term. We will immerse ourselves in the book and create some fantastic pieces of writing, not forgetting the 5-foot-deep hole we will dig!

In Thrive, we will focus on a healthy body and mind. This will include the importance of oral hygiene and bodily hygiene, and what will happen if you do not look after your body. Having a healthy mind is key to your overall health and well-being, which we look forward to exploring further.

Harting Class Spring Term 2024


Spring Term 2 2024

Harting class has had a fantastic half term. They have displayed the school values throughout the curriculum brilliantly.

Harting class has particularly enjoyed attending Fort Purbrook for our PE curriculum. We have participated in many activities including rifle shooting, laser tag and rock climbing.

During independent writing week, the pupils worked extremely hard, and all created fantastic pieces of writing, showing ambition and perseverance. This did not go unnoticed by the rest of the school, and they were praised for their hard work by other members of staff.

In Maths, we have been working on equivalent fractions and using arrays to understand division. Throughout the block of learning, we have had to be courageous and accept help when needed. We have also been undertaking investigations in Maths and have applied our mathematic skills to solve problems.

The pupils continue to use our tutor time to build positive relationships with their peers and adults. They show kindness and understand the importance of respecting and accepting each other, especially their differences.

Harting Class Spring Term 2 2024