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Littlegreen Academy

Halnaker Class

Class Teacher: Katie Sadler

Welcome to Halnaker Class, one of our Key Stage 3 classes here at Littlegreen Academy.


Autumn 2023

Halnaker class have had a phenomenal first 7 weeks of the Autumn term at Littlegreen Academy! They have been demonstrating the school values throughout each day. They are showing that they are back to school and ready for the challenges that comes with being in year nine and are making positive decisions that will impact their future.  

In maths, this term we have been learning about place value. We are especially proud of Lloyd as he has shown perseverance in completing his learning. Bradley has shown courage by deciding that he would like to take on more challenging learning.  

In English, we have been learning about biographies, particularly of Leonardo Da Vinci. The pupils in Halnaker class have found this very interesting. In addition, they have been ambitious in their learning of verbs, progressive form, and perfect form. This will further improve their future writing.  

As a class, the pupils in their action teams lesson on Friday’s have been planning to show kindness to their peers by making them a breakfast roll. They have decided to do this in combination with an anti-racism campaign ‘wear red day’ for ‘show racism the red card’.

This week we have been on a trip to Tesco’s to get supplies, made red cards with the charities slogan on and made stickers ready for Friday. We are so proud of the maturity and respect they have been displaying.  

We have also been learning about Black History Month and all members of Halnaker class have joined in with the activities, showing that they are interested and considerate in learning about different cultures.

Overall, it has been a great start to the school year!  

Halnaker Class Autumn Term 2023


Spring 2024

Halnaker class have embarked on the new year with renewed dedication, especially excelling in both Maths and English.

While exploring Compton recreational ground this week, pupils bonded over outdoor activities. The class's energetic start sets the stage for continued success and growth.

This week, Halnaker class have deepened their connections through enjoyable activities like charades and sharing interests. Afternoon tutor times have been enriched with captivating reading sessions, diving into 'The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas,' a WWII-themed fiction that ignited the pupils passion for history. 

Halnaker Spring Term 2024


Summer 2024

As we enter the sunny days of the Summer term, Halnaker class is buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. Reflecting on their progress, it is clear they have come a long way since the start of the academic year.

During the last stretch of Spring term, pupils enjoyed some unique experiences, from tasting Ostrich meat during Forest School to exploring fascinating stories at the D-Day exhibition.

In the classroom, pupils have been working hard, especially on their Step-Up-to-English accreditation. Currently, they are diving into travel-themed writing, creating colourful brochures for imaginary holidays.

With each passing day, we are proud to see our pupils grow and learn. Here's to another term of exciting discoveries and achievements!

Halnaker Class Summer Term 2024