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Littlegreen Academy

Elm Class

Class Teacher: Phoebe Collins

Welcome to Elm Class one of our Key Stage 2 classes here at Littlegreen Academy.


Autumn Term 1 2023

Elm class have had a fantastic start to the new school year. They have returned to school in their new class ready and eager to learn. They are showing the Littlegreen Academy values in everything we are doing.

All pupils in Elm have been very accepting of the new routines, learning, staff, and peers. We have done some team building activities where everyone was able to participate and work together. They have shown great kindness towards one another, supporting, and helping each other with work and when playing team building games.

We have started our new topic, Innuits to Incas (North and South America) learning all about the rainforest! Everyone in Elm class has demonstrated amazing courage and perseverance, giving all our new learning a go, even when it gets hard.

In Geography we have been learning about the rainforests, we have discovered where they are in the world and what the climate is like there. We even wrote and presented our own rainforest weather reports, where pupils were able to choose their own country, research and present a weather report all about the climate in that country’s rainforest.

Everyone was incredibly ambitious with their presentations, ensuring they had lots of information and even used props to present their weather forecasts.

We are looking forward to counting our topic this half term and will be creating our own rainforest shoe boxes in Art and DT. The pupils have already began designing them and are looking forward to making them in the coming weeks. We are also looking forward to continuing with horse-riding this half-term.


Autumn Term 2 2023

Elm class have had a fantastic finish to the Autumn term. They have worked so hard this term in all areas of their learning and are showing the Littlegreen values in everything they are doing.

All pupils in Elm class have shown acceptance of all their learning and each other. All pupils have participated in the learning this term and there has been some great outcomes, from sewing our own Inca and Inuit clothes in topic to learning addition with exchange and subtraction with exchange in maths. We have been working on sharing, turn-taking, and listening to each other during team building activities. Pupils have all shown great kindness towards one another, supporting and helping each other with work and during these team building games.

We have finished our topic, Innuits to Incas (North and South America) with a visit to the living rainforest in Newbury. Elm class demonstrated amazing courage and perseverance on our trip this week. They were very courageous when asking lots of interesting questions to help them learn more about the rainforest animals – in particular the snakes and poisonous dart frogs. All pupils showed perseverance on the trip by patiently waiting their turn to see the animals and asking questions.

Everyone was amazing with the long drive and enjoyed playing games with each other. We had a wonderful day at the living rainforest and all pupils really loved seeing the different kinds of animals that live in the rainforest. Their favourite animal to try and spot was cinnamon the sloth, as all the keepers said she was very hard to find, however, the pupils spotted her very quickly and all helped each other to do so.  

 As part of our topic and related to Art and DT, all pupils have started sewing clothes for an Innuit or Inca. The pupils carried out lots of research to find out about Innuit and Incas and their clothing, they then were able to design their own clothing. They were very ambitious with their designs and when it came to sewing them all pupils persevered and tried extremely hard with the fiddly needle threading and sewing.

Elm Class Autumn 2 2023