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Littlegreen Academy

Butser Class

Class Teacher: Charles Danby

Welcome to Butser Class one of our Key Stage 4 classes here at Littlegreen Academy.

Autumn Term 2023

Butser class have had a fantastic start to the year, which has been full of new and exciting opportunities. Significantly, pupils have begun their College experience, welcomed a new teacher, mastered independent travel on trains and busses, and started their ASDAN work.

Butser class are spending two days a week at College, which is massive compared to Littlegreen with over 25,000 pupils! Mondays are like a normal school day, where we are based in the “Littlegreen Hub”. Pupils have shown courage and become more used to the hustle and bustle of College life. There is an enormous food hall where they get to choose what lunch they like, from fried chicken and pasta to the more exotic side including Tandori club and Mexico kitchen!

On Tuesdays pupils have a technical skills day. The course choices include catering and hospitality, construction and motor vehicle studies. In addition to learning and developing new skills on their chosen course, pupils are meeting and interacting with a variety of new people, showing kindness to their fellow pupils and making new friends.

In addition to attending Chichester College, some of the pupils have been visiting Crimsham farm, where they have been learning about agriculture and animal care, under the leadership of ex-military instructors no less! Furthermore, Brinsbury College, which has a working farm as part of it, has also played host to our pupils learning about animal care.

In English, we have been studying Varjak Paw, which has given us some insights to the lives of the mythical Mesopotamian Blue cat and how an escape from his family compound leads to Varjak Paw discovering hundreds of stolen cats who were going to be stuffed and turned into mechanical toys! Boaz has shown excellent ambition in his drive to find out more about Varjak by starting the next book in the series!

In Maths, we have been studying place value. Pupils have found that checking our work has become a great way to show real understanding and the perseverance to go back and check helps us explain how we get to solve a problem.

We have also started ASDAN this term, which focusses on the pupils learning to become more independent and learn skills which will help them later in life. This term we have been looking at how exercise can help a healthier lifestyle as we get older.

All in all a great start to Year 10. Well done, Butser class!


Spring Term 2024

This term at Chichester college, Butser Class, on their ASDAN course, have been working to understand how we can improve our physical fitness. At Chichester, luckily, there is an assault course. This week, the pupils have had the opportunity to try out the different apparatus. Pupils will be selecting which apparatus or sections of the course they are going complete, and time themselves to see how long it takes. Over the next few weeks, they will be checking to see if they can improve their fitness and therefore their times to complete their chosen activities. A key question is- how can we improve to get our times down?

The pupils have had to be, and will have to be, ambitious and courageous for their climbing at speed on the apparatus and for their times to come down. They will show perseverance to complete their challenge, and they have been kind to one another to motivate and support their classmates.

Please be assured no one was injured undertaking these challenges, and that adults were not allowed to try these!

Butser Class Spring Term 2024


Summer Term 2024

This week, at Chichester College, Butser class applied their maths and reading skills to learn about bank accounts and their features in ASDAN. They have learnt important terms such as Interest (how much the bank charges for loans or on your money, to you, in the bank, Credit (how much money you have in the bank), credit score (a credit score tells the bank that you are a good person to lend money to) and debt (what you owe the bank).

This is a very important lesson as very soon the children will be becoming more independent and need to know what the different ways to pay for things are: debit card, credit card, direct debit, standing order or old-fashioned cash from the cashpoint! They have learnt to read a bank statement, which shows a balance, where they have spent their money, how much they have spent and how much they have left.

The session concluded with a real bank statement and the pupils had to use their maths to work out a take home salary after tax. It was not easy, and the pupils displayed the school values of being courageous by having a go, kindness by helping each other, ambition by doing their best and perseverance by getting all the calculations done.