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Littlegreen Academy

Bignor Class

Class Teacher: Carl Fossey

Welcome to Bignor Class one of our Key Stage 4 classes here at Littlegreen Academy.

Autumn Term 2023

It has been a busy and exciting few weeks back since half term for Bignor class. Pupils have come back from their break over Halloween and have hit the ground running as we fast approach the Christmas period.

Our mindsets have changed in class, and we have now got pupils sitting mock exam papers as well as past GCSE papers in preparation for future examinations. The pupils have responded well to this and are greeting each challenge with determination and resilience.

In our English lessons, we are working through some Gothic Horror novella as well as dipping our toes into some crime fiction.

In maths, each pupil is working through all things fractions! This has always been a sensitive area of maths for even the most established mathematicians, however, the Bignor pupils continue to show a great work ethic and are powering through – possibly due to the links that have been made with pizzas and chocolate bars.

It is not all work, work, work. In other areas of the school week, our pupils have been able to enjoy rock climbing at Fort Purbrook, where healthy competition is always evident, as well as challenging one another (and staff) on the obstacle course at Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Soon we will be starting our revision packs and if you would like to help with this at home, there are some fantastic resources that can be found at:


Bignor Class Autumn 2023


Spring Term 2024

Perseverance – Perseverance – Perseverance!

What a superb attitude the pupils in Bignor class continue to show! All pupils have been readying themselves for their GCSE examinations later this year and have begun revising. In English Language studies, pupils have analysed past papers and comprehended a variety of texts and have all produced some excellent, high scoring pieces of work.

In our Maths lessons, pupils have continued to work hard and have been able to show mastery across some of the units that we have covered. Most recently, they have been consolidating their knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages.

Away from the core curriculum, pupils are now ready to launch their own ASDAN projects. Starting in the next half term, we will have pupils leading school clubs, sports events, charity bake sales and tending to the school allotment, before growing our own fruit and vegetables to serve up at lunch times!

Bignor Class Spring 2024


Summer Term 2024

Well here we are, our final entry into a Littlegreen Academy newsletter. What a journey it has been.

From our very first day, we have worked tirelessly on ourselves, our friendships, our social skills and of course, our schoolwork; and he we are now – about to sit our GCSE examinations!

Since joining Littlegreen, we have accomplished so much. Whether that has been mastering our bus stop method for division in maths, to comprehending high quality texts, to excelling on the sports pitch, to sleeping over at the school, to denominating on the pool table, to working out on the gym, we have done it all!

But leaving Littlegreen is not the end of our journey. It is the beginning of our new chapter as we venture off to college and work. The memories that we have made will be cherished for a lifetime and the friendships we have made will continue too.

See you soon Littlegreen!

Bignor Class



There isn’t much more to say from a staff perspective. Bignor Class have been a pleasure to teach and this cohort of pupils will leave a chasmic void in the school.

We are all so very proud of each and everyone of these pupils and we cannot wait to hear about their future successes.

Now on to the GCSE’s… do what you do best Bignor. Smash it!