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Littlegreen Academy


Ash Class

Class Teacher: Tracey Dovey

Welcome to Ash Class one of our Key Stage 2 classes here at Littlegreen Academy.

Autumn Term 2023

Ash Class have had an exceptionally busy and productive term so far. We have embraced our values and met our challenges head on.

In English, we have been working hard on our instruction writing. This has involved looking at recipes and how they are constructed. We are now very good at using commands in our writing- we have learnt to be bossy! We have followed recipes to make fruit kebabs and even written recipes that we think our favourite animals would enjoy. We had everything from Bug Soup to a Tiger’s Meat Treat!

Our curriculum has been full this term with lots of lovely creative activities, including Art, music, food tech and swimming. Our weekly trips to the pool have been an especially big hit. The pupils really enjoy their lessons and having some fun splash time at the end on the giant floats!

Our topic ‘Inuit to Incas’ continues. We have had a great time looking at the Amazon rainforest and even made mini ones in an eggbox. We looked at how important rainforests are to our planet and what we can do to help with climate change. We are now moving towards the cold climates of the North and our next project, igloos!

Ash Class have worked hard in all that they do. They have persevered when they have found things hard and felt like giving up. They have been full of ambition for both themselves and others. They have demonstrated great kindness by helping each other with the things they find tricky. They have been courageous when meeting new classmates and making new friends. Most of all, they are learning to be accepting of each other and we are incredibly proud of them for that.

Ash Class Autumn 2023


Spring Term 2024

Ash class have had such a busy Spring term so far. We have been working hard on our independent writing this week and have come up with some very creative and imaginative stories. We have developed a real flair for writing and are never lost for new ideas. We are now beginning to understand how to structure our stories using descriptive language so that we draw the reader in!

Our curriculum has been full this term with lots of lovely creative activities including Art, Music and Food Tech. We even had a visit from a team of therapy dogs!  Our weekly trips to the swimming pool have been a big hit and we are now looking forward to going out on some local walks as the weather improves.

At the beginning of the Spring term, we spent time looking at how our amazing bodies work from how our skeletons develop as we grow and how the most important organs of our bodies function. We did some great experiments to see how our lungs and hearts work as well as how the brain learns new things and develops memory to help us do things such as ride a bike or play a musical instrument. We now move onto plants and how they grow and what they need to survive. We are very much looking forward to putting our allotment to use and seeing what we can manage to grow as it gets warmer.

Finally, Ash class continue to demonstrate all of our school values. We are proud to see them persevere when things got tough, and they feel like giving up. They are full of ambition, not just for themselves but for others. They demonstrate kindness by helping each other and show courage when working as a team. Most of all, they are accepting of each other’s efforts and we are very proud of them for that.

Ash Class Spring 2024